Country Band in Nashville
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With their aptly titled debut CD, "Take A Ride!" ,the aspiring country duo FarCry is not only knocking on doors, they are blowing the locks off every honky tonk in Nashville as thirsty fans chug back their longed for traditional sound, rock style energy and school boy meets The Highwaymen good looks. David Latham and Greg Higley met at a small church outside Nashville, TN. Both being from small towns in the mid-west, the set up your own chair take it back down after the prayin's over atmosphere attracted them both separately but landed them side by side on a makeshift worship stage. They were first paired together to sing at a Hoe-Down Bible School one summer, and, not only was the congregation wowed, but they too heard and felt something special that needed further testing. A few months acoustically in a local coffee shop landed them a gig at a couple of hole-in-the-wall joints out on Murfreesboro road, but, a few trips into the big city dropping off packages stuffed with proof of talent, landed these two small town boys slap dab in the middle of the neon lights of Music City.
The stages of Broadway with a backdrop of the Mother Church herself, The Ryman Auditorium, were a "FarCry" from school talent shows, small town festivals and the moose lodges that these guys had come from, but then, what's a story without a beginning? David grew up in Hammond, Indiana the son of a steel mill worker and the youngest of five kids. As young as 16, he was singing along to Merle and George Jones records spun by his friend in a small-time bar while already intrigued females were throwing dollar bills his way. Taking that as confirmation he had that "something" , as soon as he had wheels to call his own, he made his way to Nashville! Meanwhile, just across the eastern state-line, in Chillicothe, Ohio, Greg, also the "baby" of a family of three boys, was doing much the same thing, mimicking his heroes as often as possible, taking from each a little something that all melded together to give Higley his own finesse. He too hit the highway and followed a white line and dream all the way to twang town.
Just as their voices blended in a pure Everly Brother's fashion from the get go, their writing too took them back down several similar roads, and so, in no time at all they had all the makings of a hit record and "Take A Ride!" was born. Every song's a real story not just some smoky bar idea. From black hats to aphrodisiacs, from corn fields to beer, lies, losses, and tears, this album hits it all and leaves you wanting more.
More? Not a problem, just take in a live show of FarCry and it's like David often says, "if that don't light your fire, your woods wet!" It's not often these days that you get the same quality of vocals in a live setting as you do on a record that has been poked and prodded til the singer sounds like Patsy, but in the case of FarCry, you stand in amazement at the clarity, emotion and straight up, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout, singin' that does tend to light your fire!
Certainly always looking for the big break that will set them on an even bigger stage, preferably one with an historic wooden circle, FarCry stays focused on the moment and cherishes every blessing and road God leads their worn out boots down.