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Saving Nashville - December 20, 2017

You will often see us posting #savingnashville. It is a joke of course, but since starting out at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in 2004, we've seen a lot happen in Nashville including the devastating floods of 2010. We have remained a steady fixture in the honky tonks from playing The Stage, Legends, Crossroads, Benchmark, George Jones Complex, AJ's and most recently Tin Roof Broadway. We'd like to think FarCry is the reason for the huge growth downtown!! HA!, just having some fun & playing good country music!! Come see us every Saturday, 3-6:30 @ TIN ROOF BROADWAY! #savingnashville

FarCry 2010 - February 8, 2010

Well it is February 2010 and we haven't slowed down enough to write much since April 2009! True, we are playing downtown Nashville 2 times a week on top of private engagements and our "day jobs"! We love what we are doing, and if it never gets better than this, we are okay with that because we have the BEST fans in the world and love seeing your faces grace the edges of our stage every weekend!! Be sure to check out our calendar for any change in show times! Thanks again for letting a couple of good ole boys do just what we love to do and that's ROCK YOU!

FarCry back at it! - April 4, 2009

After a 4 month break to reflect and write new material, FarCry is back on stage! Check calendar for upcoming shows!!!

Best of Locals Only - October 25, 2008

FarCry's song "I'm Not Done Crying Yet" has made Billy Block's "Best of Locals Only" CD Vol.1, It is due to hit local(Nashville) Best Buy stores Nov 1st 2008. FarCry will be performing Nov 7th at 2 locations. Brentwood at 5pm and Rivergate at 7pm. Come out and buy a copy and have it signed by FarCry and other featured acts!

Nashville Star - March 23, 2008

FarCry is auditioning for Nashville Star.. we've made it past 2 rounds... stay tuned with fingers crossed cause we want this bad for us and our fans!! -- We should know more by end of March.

What's Up with FarCry? - March 4, 2008

Hey folks- we are having a blast, looks like we may be headed to Panama City soon! Tootsie's is opening a bar there April 1st- watch our calendar for dates & times.
Also , we will soon be doing a 7pm showcase at Tootsies every Thursday night. This will be mostly original songs! Come out and join us when you can! We sure need your support-

Our CD is sold locally at Hastings Books & Music in Murfreesboro- in the Local Artist Section-

Preds! - November 10, 2007

FarCry plays the Preds hockey game Dec 6th at the Sommet Center in Nashville! Get your tickets now and enjoy the show!

I'm Not Done Crying Yet - November 10, 2007

FarCry's I'm Not Done Crying Yet is nominated in the top 40 local unsigned artist songs of 2007! You can help make it to the top 15 by going to our links page, click on Digital Rodeo, set up a profile and vote for FarCry once a day between now and Jan 31st! THANK YOU BIG TIME!

Tootsie's - July 28, 2007

FarCry is now the Friday and Saturday late night featured band at the Famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in Music City USA! Bring your friends and family out to see us--- gives us chills to think of the legends those bulbs have shined on...we're loving being a part of it all and we'd love to have you come along for the ride! Check our Calendar for time and stage info.

CMA Music Festival - June 13, 2007

hey guys-- just want to let everyone know what a great time we had meeting fans at the CMA Music Festival-- from the booth to the stage-- we had a real blast! Hope you will write back and let us know how you're enjoying our CD and certainly stop in to see us at Tootsie's! Take care- Greg & David

A Big THANK YOU!! - May 4, 2007

FarCry wants to send out a big big thanks to Crockett's Roadhouse, Kirkenburt's and The Outpost-- these are local venues that have blessed us with a place to play our music and be heard as we try to find a spot on a rung of a ladder so full of talented people trying to make it in this crazy music biz! We are fortunate to have had the opportunities these venues have afforded us and hope that we can play all of them again whenever our calendar permits as each one of these places is very special to us... but for now we are enjoying the doors that are opening for us downtown Nashville at Tootsie's and the Palace and we thank God for continually surprising us with his plans for FarCry. Come see us in Nashville cause we'd love to see you!

FARCRY CD - May 4, 2007

You can buy our CD "Take a Ride" by going to our "Links" page.
FARCRY downloads also available on myspacemusic and apple itunes + 38 other digital download sites!

Private Parties! - May 4, 2007

FARCRY is available for private party bookings!!

Email us for availability and price!

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