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The Second Fiddle on Broadway
by Carey Latham

How is it that you can walk into one of the hottest, most famous honky tonks in Music City at 10:30 on a Saturday night, hear no noise coming from the stage and see no name up in lights, but yet know that there is something really special about to happen that you do not want to miss out on? I'll tell you how. It is because of the anticipation on the faces of the front to back, wall to wall, standing room only crowd, and the excited buzz on everyone's lips as they stare up at that quiet stage in this tradition filled bar. Sure the bent over musicians in their tight BKE jeans setting up equipment is a show within itself for the females pushing their way to the front, but everyone in here knows that the band about to let loose on them is the real deal, and they will not be let down for the next 4 hours!

Welcome to The Second Fiddle on Broadway and their Saturday "late night" band FarCry!

As I take the last spot available by the door, I listen to the band open up with Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues", and the "man in black" transcends into a 5'7" "man in denim and black cowboy hat" that swallows up the sound of Cash and spits back out his own haunting rendition of the famous song. The crowd, if not by anticipation alone, is now certainly FarCry's for the night. I become spellbound myself by the pure traditional sound and harmonies of the front men David Latham and Greg Higley and their electrifying performance song after song after song. I watch them answer back in perfection to request from Merle to Jason Aldean to ACDC! They actually ended their show with "Purple Rain" by Prince per crowd request and yes! It was awesome! I had a better understanding of the ladies need to be close to the front after watching Latham in action as he never stopped moving, gyrating and jumping up and down the entire night! That along with Higley's George Strait/Kenny Chesney charm makes FarCry hands down(or flailing in the air) lady pleasers!

FarCry - David Latham and Greg Higley

Along with tips flying into the pickle jar, fans are throwing in an extra $10 for FarCry's album titled "Take a Ride!" It's a 12 song original, traditional cd released in 2006, ten of which they either wrote or co-wrote themselves. One warning before popping this into your cd player, you will need a Black Hat, a cold beer, a good friend, your tailgate down..oh, and some tissues for cut #6!

I asked "FarCry" why they think they keep a crowd at the foot of their stage when it is merely one among many filled with talented singers along Broadway? David answered "We stay solid for 4 straight hours". He says that they live about 30 minutes away, they meet at a Wal-Mart parking lot, ride together, listening to 650am's The Grand Ole Opry to get focused and pumped up for the show so that when they arrive it's nothing but on! Greg says that they take every night serious and they know what they want to deliver to the people that take the time to come out[for the show]. David adds that when you love Country music like we do, you don't want to do it any other way but great every single night!

FarCry is surprisingly unsigned. When asked about a record deal, David had this to say, "We know and respect the business we are in, and it is a "Crazy Town" as Jason Aldean sings about, but if the "record man" never sits us down, at least we know we kept 'em standing at The Second Fiddle!"

FarCry also plays every Friday night across the street from TSF @ Crossroads. You can check out more on
FarCry and The Second Fiddle

Carey Latham
Editor's review
The names "Dave" and "Greg" may not have the ring of their heroes' handles, but the two fellas of FARCRY nobly meld the styles of guys from Merle to Garth. Clean guitars and achy-breaky twang sate the modern pop-country palate, while weepy slide guitar hints at the old dusty roads.
Members of Murfreesboro band Farcry said they are a far cry from where they would like to be in the music industry, hence the choice of band name. "Where would we like to be? Hey, the Grand Ole Opry would be nice."

What people can expect: "If they come out, they are going to have a good time," Higley said. "We try and play songs people want to hear. We involve the crowd as much as possible. People dance and we just want them to have a good time."
Why go? The band really wants you to.
"We're just a couple of fellows who just want a chance like everyone else," Higley said. "We want people to hear us. ... If people come, they are definitely going to laugh and hear some good music."
"We're a country band," said David Latham, one of the band's singers. "We do some Southern rock, but we're mainly country."

Farcry covers country songs, ranging from artists George Jones to Keith Urban, in addition to the band's original music.